Why Derby Ink?


In 2011, I finally got fed up with the dark splotches of the other skater's markers smeared across my light-colored Furious Truckstop Waitress uniform. The oozey gross marker on my arm would not last even through one bout, let alone 3 hours of practice—but for some reason it was incredibly hard to remove in the shower!

I created my first Derby Inks, and was amazed on how long they lasted—plus the refs loved the clarity. The DINKS stayed put, and would often last all week—even through multiple team and league practices. Last year after getting my large upper-arm tattoo, I realized that the black DINKS, just like the marker before, were hard to see from a distance. I also did not want to add the toxic black marker to my coveted body art. So I created white DINKS. With high visibility and long-lasting adherence, the white really shines over the intense arm tattoos and darker skin. 


  1. Are you sick of applying your derby number with those gross, toxic and smelly markers?

  2. Do you hate smearing your number all over the competition? (Or vice versa?)

  3. Do those tight roller derby armbands only help to create the dreaded "muffin-top arm"?

  4. Do your real tattoos make your numbers hard to read?


DERBY INK™ "DINKS" to the rescue! 
DERBY INK™ temporary tattoo DINKS won't rub off, smear or transfer, even with the BIGGEST hits and tight walls.

DINKS are easy to apply and remove. AND they last and last out on the track.

Look professional and be Tournament READY!! 

DERBY INK™ DINKS are safe, non-toxic, and WFTDA compliant. Rollergirl owned and operated!


Many brand-name markers contain n-propanol, n-butanol, diacetone alcohol and cresol. Although n-propanol is considered safe enough to be used in cosmetics, the other solvents may cause reactions or other health effects.
Three types of these markers contain xylene (see MSDS), a chemical capable of causing nervous system and organ damage.

© 2016 DERBY INK™ are safe, non-toxic, and WFTDA compliant.